MRPHOTO Series(6",9",12") Category:Pouch Laminators > Photo Type
MRPHOTO-150(6")TC / MRPHOTO-230((9")TC / MRPHOTO-330(12")TC / MRPHOTO-470(18")TC

Compact and portable, stylish and simple to use.
Developed from the MYLAM series, MR PHOTO hot roller machines have more graceful lines on the machine body adding design appeal to users.
Favored with improved performance and faster speed.
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The versatile MR PHOTO laminators enable you to always achieve professional results whatever the application is.
In schools, offices, shops, restaurants, at home, and in fact can be used anywhere. MR PHOTO laminators produce perfect, trouble-free results.
▶ Compact and portable, stylish and simple to use.
▶ Perfect results with a wide range of document size in variety of thickness (up to 1mm)
▶ Remarkable, user-friendly operation for perfect, quality result
▶ Heating system by Mica Heating Technology
▶ Temperature Control (TC) and Reverse Function
▶ Ideal for all standard laminating applications.
▶ Laminated documents are resistant to chemicals, oil and grease.
▶ Water-proof and tamper-proof results every time.
▶ Laminating guide for Copy paper, Art paper, Photograph.