PIONEER II-IDH 11000 Series(43") Category:Commercial Laminating Machinery > Compact Thermal Laminators
PIONEER MapMaker-112160 G40R30
Laminating for High Speed Printing, Large Poster and Box
Laminating Speed : 70m/min
Feeding & Bursting Speed : 7,5000 sheets/hr
MAX Paper Size : 1,100(W)mm x 1,200(L) mm

[Patent Specification]
1.The method of forming embossing pattern by heating press
mold partially on the printing surface laminated with thermal laminate film
2.Laminator with paper device
Special Features
▶ Reduce work time considerably, as it is possible to laminate 4x6 paper in width
▶ Suitable for manufacturing process of package box
▶ High speed system equipped with integrated feeder and separator
▶ All the electronic functions are controlled by a Siemens PLC,Servo motor and Driver
▶ After Lamination, the laminated paper is stacked automatically (Option)
Automatic Stacking Table

▶ A Stacking and palletized accessory for perfect alignment of finished output eliminates the need for hand jogging and pallet loading

* Model : Automatic Stacking Table-11000
* Out-put Height : 750mm
* Paper Size(MAX) : 1,100mm x 1,200mm
* Power Requirements : AC 220-240V, 50-60Hz