FASTSYNC-MICRO/SHR320(12") Category:Pouch Laminators > Hot Roller Type
Compact Silver Halide
Replacement Laminator with GMP Micronex-Nano®
• Compact Silver Halide Replacement Laminator with Micronex-Nano®
• Versatile professional type laminator for both pouch & roll lamination
• Clam shell type for easy cleaning and maintenance
• Carrier-free operation

High-bonding versatile professional laminator for both pouch & roll lamination

 • High-bonding versatile desktop pouch & roll laminator for digital print-outs
 • With unwinder & rewinder installed, easy roll lamination job including sleeking
 • Feed-trays installed on each front & rear side for user-friendly convenience purpose
 • High speed lamination by 6 rollers system for increasing productivity
 • Clam shell type roll coverings for easy cleaning and maintenance
 • Efficient cooling system supports high speed laminating
 • Easy step optimal setting on temperature & speed synchronized with film thickness

This machine, designed for heavy work load, is with its heavy-duty and solid build in order to carry out lamination job more efficiently by high speed of 6 rollers which enhances high-bonding productivity for laminating digital print-outs.
This versatile pouch & roll combination laminator performs the capability of continuous lamination in the easy web roll-to-roll method very effectively.


  • Environmental-Friendly "Thermalami" System
  • Equipped Photo Embossing Roller
  • Equipped Engageable Roller to choose Gloss & Photo Lamination
  • Automatic stand-by 90min power-off 120min & on/off feature for energy saving


  • Photo
  • Documents
  • Catalogue
  • Label
  • Business Card