PASSPORT-SMART 100(4") Category:Pouch Laminators > Hot Roller Type
Professional Security Passport Laminator
High-Technology Security Passport Laminator
 • Use ultra-thin security Micronex film
 • High-technology security passport laminator
 • Optimum passport lamination by Cantilever
 • Application of high-technology security system
   (operating only after inputing password)
 • Prevention of forgery of passport records by ultra-thin lamination impossible to be separated
 • Automatic sensing operation
 • Accurate lamination of repeat image at correct position
GMP PASSPORT-SMART 100 is a high-technology security laminator using ultra-thin security
Micronex film with cantilever mechanism for optimum passport lamination.
Also it applies hightechnology security system to operate only after inputing password.
So it prevents from misusing by anyone except the persons concerned. Ultra-thin lamination
impossible to be separated can make perfect prevention of forgery of passport records.
 • Use roll type security film
 • Quick laminating time below 15 seconds
 • Prevent damage of IC chip from heat by necessary spot lamination
 • Excellent durability by using super heat-resistant heating roller
 • High durability with ulta-heatproof heating roller (by 180℃)
 • Automatic cooling of passport after lamination with cooling nozzle
 • Automatic exit of passport through conveyor after lamination