CRYSTALAM-14C / 14CLp Category:Pouch Laminators > Hot Roller Type
Laminator for Crystal Clear High Transparent Photo Frame
• 2 steps pressure device for Easy board feeding
• Heating roller for removing fine bubbles during lamination
• 4 rollers double pressurizing system for Strong bonding lamination
• Every roller has its own driveline
• Automatic grip function for photographs
• Grip length adjust device
• Photo & Acrylic plate Loading guide
• Dust cleaning removal roller
• Select a laminator for required application
 - Top heating roller for C.ART lamination only (in CRYSTALAM-14C)
 - Top & bottom heating roller for both side pouch lamination & C.ART lamination (in CRYSTALAM-14CLP)

Print resolution of digitial press & small sized photo printers are getting higher, but its prices are getting decreased. On the basis of this circumstance, the photo print business is being bigger and photo frame
market is also required for more added-value solution.
GMP CRYSTALAM-14C/CLP was developed under the above current market needs and the laminator was designed for C.ART (CRYSTALART) photo frame job. The laminators are the world first laminator to make
photo frame with acrylic plate. GMP lamination technology makes CRYSTALAM-14C/CLP to make photo frame easily and perfectly with no minuite bubbles on the results to satisfy your customers.