SUPERNEX-SYNC Series (9")(12") Category:Pouch Laminators > Hot Roller Type
In this ivory color SUPERNEX-SYNC325R6 comes from the new generation of hot roller laminator.
Beside its new synchro control system for easy operation and setup the new standardization for next generation of lamination , implementation of infrared temperature sensor and more detailed speed increments with faster maximum speed (2.15m/min 10 sheet of A4 paper) allow more professionally-finished lamination.
The new control system gives direct control of speed and temperature via quick change for the best condition of laminating.
▶ High speed for Hot & Cold Laminating, Mounting, Transfer
    - Professional laminator for various lamination
▶ Transparent Top Cover
▶ Efficient Cooling System supports high speed laminating
▶ Sophisticated Roller assures perfect laminating of any type of film
▶ Precise temperature via internally heated rolls with temperature control via infrared
    non-contact sensors
▶ Laminating without warm up time through GMP Synchro Control System any paper or film
    thickness can be laminated by the step control of temperature &speed at once
▶ Easy step setting of temperature & speed as following film thickness
Guide to lamination
Whatever the application brings-Lamination service shop, Print shop, Photo shop, Photo copy shop, Advertising material manufacturer, ID card issuing agency, etc.