GHQ Series(12") Category:Pouch Laminators > Hot Roller Type
Heavy-duty and high performance A3 machines.
Advanced hot roller technology offers a variety of applications including color foil printing, color or black / white image transfer, mounting onto lamiboard, glossing and matting, one side photo lamination and cold film processing.
8-bit microprocessor has pre-set functions, speed and temperature control, reverse switch and LCD display monitors showing pre-set conditions.
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▶ Carrier-Free Operation
▶ High Speed Hot & Cold Lamination
▶ Mounting up to 3mm
▶ Hot Roller Type
▶ Hot and Cold Laminating
▶ Variable temperature control
▶ Variable speed control
▶ Roller Protection system
▶ Reverse button
Multi-purpose Laminator offers 9 more functions
1. Heat seal Lamination (Tamper-proof, long term preservation)
2. Lamination for a wide variety of patterns (Heat sensitive lamination)
3. Cold lamination (Pressure sensitive lamination)
4. Cold printing (Terrific cold print on black / white photocopies)
5. Glossing
6. Lamination for Soft Table Matts (Rigid, soft, many different patterns)
7. One Side Lamination
8. Transferring
9. Mounting