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LAMEX-325 (12")
Professional Laminator for Hot, Cold lamination and Mount & Transfer.
Hot & Cold Pouch Laminator with Innovative Technology & Economical price.
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▶ Only 3 minutes roller warm-up time
▶ No overheating makes durability of roller much longer
▶ Equally stable laminating quality by precise roller temperature control
▶ Easy to clean rollers simply by opening top cover
▶ Improved safety heater protects the roller from fire and damage
▶ Various jobs available for hot & cold lamination, mount & transfer
▶ Powerful cooling system for continuous lamination
▶ Adjustable temperature and speed for various thicknesses
▶ High accuracy - accurate temperature control by 1 degree celsius
▶ High convenience - indicate a real temperature of the roller(LAMEX-325)
▶ Quick heating-up - quick heating in safety with internal infrared heating system
▶ Simple & convenient operation - touch control for 6-step speed adjustment for Lamination thicknesses synchro system with function keys that have optimized Laminating conditions(LAMEX-325)
▶ Stability - stable temperature control in continuous lamination with cooling fan
▶ Energy saving - save 50% of energy with quick heating and accurate temperature control
▶ Power saving - automatic stand-by mode in no operation for half an hour(LAMEX-325)
▶ Safety - automatic power off in no operation for 2 hours after stand-by mode(LAMEX-325)