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Induction coils are inserted inside precision-processed rollers and alternating currents will be charged, then a line of magnetic force will be generated and the eddy current induced by this line of magnetic force will be flown on the surface of the roller.

As the roller itself becomes heated, thermal efficiency is greatly inproved.
Heat pipes having the characteristics of high efficient heat conduction are installed inside the induction heating roller. So the temperature of the roller surface can be maintained within ±1℃
As durability of the induction heating roller is semi-permanent and it has high thermal efficiency with the even distribution range of temperature, it will be proper for high-technology industrial equipment which needs precise temperature control as well as large scale of industrial equipments.

▶ Excellent thermal efficiency by heating roller
▶ Maintain ±1℃ on the surface of roller
▶ No more temperature rising after power off
▶ High speed thermo-control feedback
▶ Semi-permanent durability
▶ Easy electric power control
▶ For industrial facilities with 
    neither regular maintenance   
    nor parts exchange