Date : 09-04-15 11:07
Certified FDA and passed CPSIA standard and EU Directive
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Safety approved GMP Thermalami Film for Food packaging and articles for kid
(Certified FDA and passed CPSIA standard and EU Directive)
10th March 2009, GMP has proved safety of 9 different Thermalami films  (Polynex Gloss/Matt, Polynex Pure Gloss/Matt, Nylonex Gloss/Matt, Perfex Gloss/Matt, Perfex Silver) again through certifying food packaging standard of US FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
Hereby GMP has proved 4 types of safety standards for food packaging and articles for kid including EU food case standard (Food contact EN1186),  US CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act), EU toys safety (Toy Materials EU71 part3).
This FDA certification certified that used GMP Thermalami films for food packaging does not harm human being on the basis of US FDA Code of Federal Regulation 21 CFR 177.1520(c) (1.1b) and 21 CFR 177/1350. There is European standard “EU food case standard” (Food contact EN1186) for a similar certification which GMP has already passed on 4th March 2009
GMP has passed CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) on 3rd February 2009 for Polynex Gloss / Matt films, and has passed EU Toy Materials EU71 part3 on 20th February 2009 for European market.
Especially, CPSIA is based on consumers, however in USA, a toy company had issued with what Pb(Plumbum) was detected from a kid’s toy at year 2007. Therefore 1.5 Millions of toys were recalled and 3300 of Chinese toy companies were bankrupted. And it strengthen the standard of US Consumer Protection Law.
This FDA certification GMP certified is related to the hard standard of food safety. And recently, it satisfies the buyer’s requirements for certifications related environment. With this, the applicable field of GMP Thermalami films had been enlarged to packaging of foods, medicines, cosmetics, kid’s book covers and toys including current fields – protecting of documents, photos and book packing.