Date : 08-06-13 17:44
Impressed "Leading Company GMP" in Lamination at Drupa 2008 viewing future of Printing & Paper
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GMP Co., Ltd. (Chairman & CEO: Mr. Y. P. Kim) was spotlighted company once again from related parties from printing industries and laminating businesses as a leading laminating company at drupa 2008, that is famous as a printing and paper exhition.

At this exhibition, EUROLAM-520DUAL, EUROCOATER-04M UV and CHALLENGER SERIES for Off-set printing, DIGITAL printing and UV Printing Marekt were a big heat from all customers particpated mainly due to easy operating, high quality laminating and UV Printing.

Specially, EUROLAM-520 DUAL is free from adhesive and enviromental product for all kind of prints without air bubble and good to both laminating and embossing.
It is suitable for a midium size laminating, in addtion to that, installed with loading table and compact structure.

CHALLENGER-ECO1020J is for a massive work as a offset printing and digital printing, operatable in a 75m/min. installed with a induction heating roller for a very precise temperature control and maintaing  a continuous temperature setting.
CHALLENGER-PLUS 1020J Dual is operating at 90m/min. and installed with dual rollers for gloss and embossing treatment.
Therefore, above products are very interested with foreign buyers and participatants.
At this exhibition, We introduced New Heidelberg feeder for Precise Feeding(+/-1mm) suitable for large size quantity work and High-end Flying Knife for Good Trimming to improve Laminating Quality and Speed.

Also,  EUROCOATER-04M UV  is introduced first time, for UV Printing market suitable for POD(Print on demand) and Offset prints.
That was very interested in a line with Printing related parties including Digital and Offest Printing Buyers, Mainly due to the economic price and good UV Quality.
It will be our new improving business area in the future.

In case of Our New Ultrabond films, It can solve the adhesiveness for Digital Prints mainly due to the our high end laminating process and manufacturing facilites.
According to the our staff participating at Drupa 2008, more than 300 peoples per day,  visited our booth and asked for our new products, and then, resulted in $1.8mil. Contracts and $5mil. Negotiation amount.

The detailed results are including PROTOPIC PLUS- 520 50sets, EUROLAM 520 Series 10sets, PIONEER SERIES 5sets and EUROCOATER-04M UV 20sets with a large quantity of films.
It was a big chance for Co-marketing and Technical Stratigic alliance with printing companies and laminating companies famous for On demand and Off-set Printing, POD including HP, Xerox etc.
It enhanced the On-demand market including Graphcis Business, and then showed the positioning of GMP as a laminating and printing Business.
Chairman & CEO: Mr.Y.P.Kim thanked a lot for a whole world buyers and customers for the intersts on our products.
we will strive for laminating and UV Printing technology leading a company and will show new products for customers in returns for interests and supports afterwards.
In addtion to that, Our GMP Family  will enlarge and align our production line due to the contracted orders and demands from customers.
Once again, with a continous particiaption at exhibtion, GMP have a plan for improvement on competitive edge at lamination and priting Technology
based on our 30years R&D power and Intellectuals, and enlarge laminating and printing markets.