Date : 99-12-02 00:00
Introducing Designer Pouch(12/02/99)
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Designer Pouch series: Low-cost solution for Elegant Display!

1st layer: 80mic GHQ-120TR Clear PET-base or 150mic Photonex Hot Embo texture
2nd layer: Original to be laminated and displayed
3rd layer: Metalized Paper Board (350g) in Various Color coated with 42mic GHQ-120DB (Hot Mount)

Available Colors:
Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Black with GHQ-120TR (Clear) as top layer
Silver, Gold with Photonex Hot Embo as top layer

Available Sizes:
A3 (307 x 430mm)
A4 (220 x 307mm)
A5 (159 x 220mm)

Packing Details:
10pcs/Pack with Flysheet (Vinyl Pack)

(Min.) Purchase Unit:
A3: 10pcs/box
A4: 20pcs/box
A5: 40pcs/box

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