Date : 05-12-28 14:42
“Blue Ocean Strategy Set-up by way of Management “Seon”
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According to Yang-Pioung, Kim, he said that the main reason of poor sales during the latest 3yrs came from inadequate strategy and poor organized system.
The company really faced the financial risk not dealing with the unpredictable changes actively in the international laminating markets.

But He said that Management “Seon” is driving force changing risks into opportunities and his desire for new technology is very strong currently.

In the laminating business, GMP is holding total 369 industrial property rights including
46 patents, 51 Utilities and copyrights & trademarks world widely.

“ As a best Global Manufacturing Pioneer in the laminating business, based on development of the new technology, unlimited expansion of laminating business, we are now changing laminating markets generally” and then “we will strive to effort for the advanced management division by open and clear management set-up via ERP system ”.

And “step by step dropping down Red Ocean Product and focusing on the Blue Ocean Product development” will lead to change laminating technology in the market.

In addition to that, he emphasize that “we will promise to the best service, acquire global standard, global alliance for the standardization for the purpose of customer value enlargement”.

For 13years, we have been opened educational laminating seminar in November every year, for the purpose of introduction of new technology and then, in his passionate image of direct education of lamination, we found the new future of GMP.