Date : 99-10-14 00:00
Introducing New Heat Transfer System(10/14/99)
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Making custom-made displays and placards is easy now with new heat transfer system performed by CORONA-1300DST/1700DST. (1300mm & 1700mm wide)

220mm diameter heated drum driven by Nomex belt allows CORONA-1300DST/1700DST to perform dye-sublimation and ink transfer at optimal high temperature (Max. up to 250 C)

The CORONA machine also has following technical advantages:

- Infrared sensor is installed for accurate measurement of temperature
- The machine automatically measures usage time and distance
- The transferred material can be easily cut out by use of heated nichrome wire

In addition, optional Operation Table and Fabric Loader (1.2x3.6m for 1300DST, 1.8x3.6m for 1700DST) can also be supplied for comfortable and efficient use of this system.

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