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Int'l Lamination Seminar 2000 (Nov. 27~Dec. 1)
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Announcing Annual International Lamination Seminar 2000 at GMP Korea:

We are pleased to announce the dates for the above seminar as following:

November 27th (Monday) to December 1st (Friday), 2000

Followings are program in brief:

- New Product Presentation for Laminating Machines, Films, Accessories
 * EasyPhoto pouch laminator series
 * Sonic desk-top roll laminator with lightening-fast warm-up time
 * ExcelFoam laminator for Foam Pouch for large display
 * Aurora-1100R roll laminator along with Micronex film fo lamination without
 pre-set size or trimming
 * Comet-400digital Desk-top Hot Press for Transferring
 * GraphicMaster-1600HRS Roll laminator with pneumatic pressure control
 * Jaguar-700 for one-side, high-speed lamination
 * New stop-light film for pop-up and roll-up displays
 * New Chromonex Film
 * New PRONEX Cold Laminating Film


....Announcement of new brand name for GMP Laminating Films

-"Hands-on" Training on Laminating Machines & Films
-Analysis on Market and Competition

For more information, please contact Scott Shin, Trade Team Manager, at

Hope to see you in Korea soon!!!