Date : 14-03-20 10:35
GMP launched a Brand New Laminator of PROTOPIC-540 QUATRO & QUATRO-SLIT Series
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GMP launched a Brand New Laminator of PROTOPIC-540 QUATRO & QUATRO-SLIT Series
GMP developed & launched a brand new laminator for POD & Photobook markets.
The laminator series has the innovative technologies for photobook solution with
"Slit-Book" system (in QUATRO-SLIT version) and the series is composed of the below laminators.




 a. Manual Feeding Solution
    PROTOPIC-540 QUATRO : Single & Double Side Lamination and Embossing Lamination
    PROTOPIC-540 QUATRO-SLIT : Single & Double Side Lamination and Embossing Lamination /
    Slit-Book System
 b. Automatic Feeding Solution
    PROTOPIC AUTO-540 QUATRO : Single & Double Side Lamination and Embossing Lamination
    PROTOPIC AUTO-540 QUATRO-SLIT : Single & Double Side Lamination and Embossing Lamination /
    Slit-Book System
1. What is "QUATRO"?
The laminator has 4 basic functions of "Single Side Lamination, Double Side Lamination, Single
Side Embossing Lamination and Double Side Embossing Lamination". In Spanish & Portugese, "QUATRO" means "4 (four)" and this "all-in-one" laminator for POD market could make save
costs & satisfy customers in their various applications / needs for products.
2. What is "QUATRO-SLIT"?
The "QUATRO-SLIT" version has "GMP Slit-Book" system with Pre-bonding & In-Line 
Guttering Device. This version can make a "flat-paper" for "flat-photobook" at the further
economical cost rather than the existing solutions in the market.
One of the best-seller in GMP products of PROTOPIC series with stable quality & 
user-friendly design is the basic model of the new laminators and the necessary
"added-value" solutions in the market are equipped for diverse range of applications. 
Then, GMP creates a new market for photobook solution with the above innovative
technologies and it can be said the PROTOPIC-540 QUATRO Series is a "total-solution"
for POD & Photobook markets. That is, "you can do what your customer wants", we believe.
If you would have any queries or inquiry of this new innovative solution, please feel free to
contact to GMP Overseas Sales Department (