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GMP INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL SEMINAR 2014 is being held in GMP KOREA HQ for 5 days course (February 17th ~ 21st, 2014)..
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This seminar was designed for engineers & technical salesmen of GMP distributors and partners,
25 Trainees from 15 countries are participating the seminar from Feb.17th to 21st, 2014.
 During the period, installation, operation, maintenance & troubleshooting of GMP laminators / solutions 
are trained  to the attendees.  
This training course reflects GMP management philosophy of customer satisfaction and this is settled as
a strategic annual event with GMP International Seminar (In last November 2013, GMP International
Laminating & Finishing Technology Solution Seminar was successfully completed.) that is held in
every November.
On the day 1st, in GMP conference room, introduction of attendees & lamination technologies 
by Mr. YP Kim, Chairman & CEO was implemented in the forenoon session and in the afternoon session,
detail training (mechanical / electronical) for GMP laminators (PROTOPIC series, SURELAM series and
EXCELAM Largeformat series) were processed by GMP engineers.
Mr. YP KIM, Chairman&CEO, is lecturing about Lamination Technology and innovative mechanism of GMP
new machines

Mr. YP KIM, Chairman & CEO, is explaining about laminating roller

Mr. RA(executive director) is explaining about production process of heating roller during factory tour 

Mr. SS KIM(Director of export division) is explaining about laminating mechanism of PROTOPIC AUTO-540

GMP engineer is explaining about laminating principle of PROTOPIC III-540 DUAL PHOTO
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