Date : 11-06-20 17:22
Establish Business Relationship between Heidelberg & GMP
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Dear Valued GMP Distributors, Partners and Customers,
We always hope everything is going well with you all.
Please be informed that we, GMP CO., LTD., have established the new business relationship with the below Heidelberg Distributors. So, we have agreed the sales conditions with the officially we announce that we have started the business with them for GMP Commercial Finishing Solutions Business.
  •   LUTH GRUPPEN AS : Norwegian Market
  •   PLANTIN : Belgium & Luxemburg Market
  •   TETTERODE : Holland Market
  •   NYHERJI H.F. : Iceland Market
  •   HEIDELBERG KOREA LTD. : Korean (Asia Pacific) Market
  •   HEIDELBERG JAPAN K.K. : Japanese Market
For around a year, we had contacted them to build this relationship and as of the last month of March, 2011, the whole required procedure were completely done. GMP special thanks to whole engaged persons / staffs / companies for this project and also to the contacts of the above companies.
The above companies are covering their own countries / markets with GMP Commercial Solutions. They are already grained a firm foothold in their markets and some of them are the one of the world famous enterprise. Then, with this new business relationshilp, we believe the both parties will take the more opportunities to expand its sales volume & market share in the world.
Thank you for your kind attention to this GMP Official Announcement.